General Information

(Red-Eared Sliders)

  Scientific classification

Trachemys Scripta Elegans.  (See table of Trachemys  sub-species).

  Common name

Red-Eared Slider or Florida turtle.

  Geographic distribution

This native of the south of the United States is found in many places of the world.  It has been introduced  by people who bought them as pets to later release them in the wild when they decide they don't want to  keep them  anymore.  This represents a big problem.  In southern Europe, for example, the red-eared slider competes for survival against the cistude of Europe who is now in danger of extinction.


It can grow up to 30 cms (11.8 inches).


In the wild it can live about 20 years, but in captivity some specimens have been reported to live up to  40 years.

  Physical description

It is dark green with yellow lines and distinctive red patches at both sides of the head.  Sliders can be distinguished most easily by their rounded lower jaw (which is more squared off in Pseudemys species).  The toes on her rear legs are connected by a membrane (like ducks), since they are aquatic animals.

  Gender identification

Males have longer claws in their front legs.  The cloaca in females is located closer to the carapace than in males.
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