(Red-Eared Sliders)
Red-eared sliders are cold blooded animals, this means that they depend on the temperature around them to be able to warm up and warmth is essential to their health.

  Importance of Lighting

Turtles depend on full-spectrum lighting, which is an artificial illumination that will sustain their day/night cycle and help them to process the nutrients of the food you provide.  A group of vitamines (specially D3) are absorved into the turtle's body through direct exposure to this special light.  This absorption encourages proper bone formation and shell health.

  Full-spectrum lights

Your local pet shop should have a variety of full-spectrum lights specially designed for reptiles.  Most turtle keepers recommend  Reptisun 5.0 or Vitalights.  Remember to add a basking area to your aquarium so that the turtle can get out of the water and benefit better from your light.

  Black lights

These lights emit a very dark purple beam and you have probably seen them being used in plants.  Nevertheless, these lights are NOT Recommended for turtles since tests show that turtles benefit less from these types of lights and it will dammage the turtle's vision due to the high intensity of the beam.  There have been cases reported of turtles that have been totally blinded by these lights in a short period of time.


This is simply the duration of the period in which the light stays on and off.   If you wish to hibertate your turtles you will want to mimic the natural seasons.  Example:  provide more light in the summer since this is the season in which the sun lights for longer hours...

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