My sliders

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Tutu walking in the living room

This is Tutu.  My 16 year old (April 18, 1998) Red-Eared Slider male.  Carapace size, 15 cms (5.9 inches).


 Don't take my picture!!(at right).

Tutu doing her mating dance

This is tutu. I took the picture at the left while he was doing his mating dance in front of a mirror.  At right, Tutu in the tub.  Tutu floating in my tub

Tutu walking around the appartment

Tutu likes to walk around the apartment. Tutu walking in the living room

Tutu looking at me.

Here is Tutu looking straight at the camera.  Actually he doesn't mind  being in front of the cameras.  He is so curious that he even walks towards the camera to investigate it.
 Tuga (face)
This is Tuga (at left).  She was an abandoned pet that I rescued and gave it to Tutu as a birthday present.  She is a female,   carapace length 13 cms. (5.1 inches).  She must be about 4 years old
Tutu looking at me
Look at my nice colors!
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