(Red-Eared Sliders)
Red-eared sliders are aquatic animals, therefore you need to set them up in a comfortable aquarium specially designed to fulfill their needs.

  Types of tanks

Standard glass aquariums are the best solution for the Trachemys species,  unless you can provide them with an outside pond.  One nice aspect about glass aquariums is that you can clen them up thoroughly.  The aquarium has to be neat clean since the health of your turtle depends on it.  Remember that sliders are aquatic animals and they will release their solid and liquid waste into the water, which creates a perfect nest for bacteria. 

  Tank tops

There is a variety of tank tops, some with a light built in it.  However, the most important factor of a tank top is for it to allow natural rays of full spectrum lighting.  If possible, be able to receive direct sunlight.  Most aquatic turtle keepers prefer to suspend a full spectrum light over the aquarium.  Tops are good only if the aquarium is set on an area which receives lots of cold drafts and breezes.

  Tank size

Sliders grow fast the first years of their life and an adult can measure up to 10 inches!  The size of your tank will depend on the size of the turtle and the amount of turtles you have.  Remember that the bigger the tank is, the better it will be for the turtle.  For an adult turtle of 5 inches  a 30 gallon tank will be the minimal size recomended.  Fill it up with enough water so that he can turn around if he were to fall backwards (about 3/4 the length of the turtle).


This is very important.  Your turtle's health depends on the quality of the water you provide.  Remember that your turtle lives and breaths in the same water she defecates!   If water is not clean she will have more bacteria around her and chances of getting sick increase.  Also, if you have a good filter you will minimize your own work:  you will need to clean the  tank less often!  Most aquatic turtle keepers recommend the Fluval 403 filter.
  Heating and 
The easiest way to keep the temperature stable is by using some type of submersible heater, which looks like a long glass tube with a coated wire that comes out at one side.  These types of  heaters are very practical because they come with a built-in thermostat that enables you to set it up at the perfect temperature. Keep the temperature between 20 and 28 degrees C. (About 75 degrees Farenheit).  This is very important because warm temperatures turn on the inmune system of the turtle.

  Basking area

You will need to include an area in your aquarium where the turtle can get totally dry to bask in the sun (or special reptile lamp).  This is important because as I said before,  warmth turns on the inmune system of your turtle.  It is also important because sliders absolutelly need the UV rays to be able to adequately process their food and be able to assimilate nutrients in their food. 

  Aquarium decorations

Make sure that any decoration you add won't be harmful to the turtle.  If you want to add plants, choose plants that are not poisonous to the turtle since she might try to eat them.  Plastic plants are not recommended since the turtle might eat them.  If you add stones, make sure the stones don't have sharp points that might scratch the turtle's shell.  Do not use small gravel since the turtle might swallow these small stones, which can cause some serious complications (intestine bound).

  Cleaning the tank

Keep the tank neat clean.  If you don't have a filter clean it at least once a week.  If your turtles are babies and you don't have a filter, clean it at least every two days!  Do not use any abrassive products. 
  Outside pond
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