My aquarium

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I tryed to make my new aquarium look as wild as possible.
I used big rounder rocks at the bottom to protect the roots of the plants and also to prevent damage to Tutu's carapace.
She loves to swim around the plants and sometimes she uses them as a bed to float on top.
I added a piece of cork bark (at right) fastened with plastic sucking cups for her to get out and bask.  She didn't like it moving, so I had to fasten it.
The bottom is covered with sand and very tiny pebbles, so that it won't give her constipation in case she were to swallow it.
The small white dots on these pictures are guppy fish.  She lives in her aquarium with 23 guppy fish and 2 corydoras.
(at right) She likes to trap her carapace between the cork bark nd the glass of the aquarium.  Then she rests without having to swim or float.
Here you can see that the texture of the cork bark gives her basking area a natural wild look.
Here ou can see her basking.  She loves it!  I am planing to add some moss or something like that to this area to make it look more natural.
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