My pond and my pool

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This is a pond we have built at the country house, so that when we go on vacation, Tutu and Tuga take vacations too.
The pond is just a plastic pond shaped that has been set at ground level.
Around the pond we have installed a small fence (see it at left), so that the turtles can't get away and hide.  We left enough land around for them to move comfortably and bask.
The pond is decorated with some stones to ease getting in and out of it and also because I have noticed that my turtles prefer to bask on top of rocks.
We have also set up some water hyacinths on it so that they will help me filter the water.
The plants around the pond are wild.  We just left some grass for them to move easily but our main idea is for it to look as wild as possible.
They just love taking vacations!
While not on vacations, during the summer, they spend their sunny days at a kiddie pool that we have set on a balcony.  They love this one too!
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