Symptoms and diseases

(Red-Eared Sliders)
  Nodules or lipomes (tumor 
Hypovitaminoses (vitamin E), nutritional problems. 
  Agitation, restlessness
Intestinal bound, constipation, egg retention, intestinal parasites.
  Lack of appetite, anorexy
Accompanies almost all fatal states.
  Blood in the stools
Intestinal injuries due to a bound; septicemia, amebiasis or other types of intestinal infestations.
  Breathing with the mouth open
Colds, pneumonia.
  Whistling when breathing
Viral cold inflamation.
  Carapace decoloration
Excessive chlorine in the water, nutritional  problems, hypovitaminosis (vitamin A).
  Rachytism, carapace deformations 
Hypovitaminosys (vitamin D3) , hypocalcemia and lack of phosphorus, lack of enough exposure to direct sun or UV rays, nutritional problems, too small aquarium.  Pyramiding.
  Scutes falling (Carapace)
Hypovitaminosis (vitamin A).  If the turtle is also suffering from decolorations or light spots in the body, suspect a mycoses attack.
  Softening of the carapace
  Spots on the carapace and the skin
Hypovitaminosys (vitamin A), infestation of mycetes.
  Things hanging out from his cloaca
Prolapsed penis or intestines.
Nutritional  problems such as too much dry food, intestinal bound, egg retention.
Nutritional problems (too acid fruits), intestinal parasites.
  Ear swelling 
Pus abceses caused by otitis, getting cold.
   Eyes leaking pus or tildraps
Viral cold inflamation.
   Exhorbited eyes
Hypovitaminosys (vitamin A), infectious conjunctivitis.
  Eyelids totally glued together
Comming out of hybernation, colds, a foreign object in the eye, lack of nutrients
   Hemorrages.  Generalized but   scarce bleeding, red coloring of the   skin, extreme lethargy.
   Whitish or yellowish spots inside the 
Stomatitis, mouth rot (herpes).
   Filamentous mucous comming out 
  of mouth and nose
Colds, viral cold inflamation.
   Paralisys (partial or total)
General trauma, falls, septicemia, auricular abceses.
 Excessive shedding of the skin
 Too much clorine in the water.

  Swimming backwards after rubbing head on the shell or getting head constantly inside the shell

Frontal discomfort.
  Swimming lopsided
  Troath swelling
Stomatitis, herpes.
She ate too fast, allergic reaction to a medicine.
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